Lowcountry Quality Conference and Section Leadership Opportunities

ASQ Charleston is seeking volunteers to help lead our annual Lowcountry Quality Conference and fill key positions in our Section Leadership Committee.  Please see the information below to find out more about these openings.  If you would like to volunteer, email Jennifer Leak at Jen.Leak@yahoo.com.  Please respond by January 31 2016 to be considered for all opportunities.

Your active involvement in ASQ Charleston ensures our section provides the best possible service to the Lowcountry in terms of education, information, and knowledge-sharing of Quality principles, practices, and tools.  Our section benefits from the vast experience of our members, and we look forward to having you on board!

For more information on these opportunities, and all upcoming events with ASQ Charleston, please visit our website: ASQ Charleston

Lowcountry Quality Conference Chair
Description: Lead the LQC Committee to ensure all preparations for the the conference are complete.  Ensure all tasks during the conference are covered and executed.  This includes securing sponsorships, finalizing speakers, coordinating logistics, and leading the communications and advertising.
A large bulk of work to prepare for the conference is already complete. If you choose to take this role, a meeting will be arranged with the previous chair to transition all remaining tasks.
Conference Dates: April 21-22 2016
Location: Tanger Crowne Plaza
Incentive: If you choose to lead the LQC for 2016, a scholarship covering the registration fees for ASQ’s Conference on Quality and Improvement scheduled for May 16-18 2016 will be provided.

Lowcountry Quality Conference Committee Volunteers
Volunteer to support the LQC Chair – tasks may include securing speakers, soliciting sponsors, coordinating communications and advertising, and being available on-site during the conference to assist with registrations, room monitoring, and other activities as needed.
If you are interested in volunteering, a meeting will be scheduled with the LQC Chair to review the plan and allocate tasks.
Conference Dates: April 21-22 2016
Location: Tanger Crowne Plaza
IncentiveIf you are willing and able to volunteer to be part of the LQC Committee, you will be provided with a complimentary pass to attend the conference.

ASQ Charleston Vice Chair
Description:  The vice chair is second in command after the chair.  If there are multiple vice chairs, their responsibilities and succession order shall be established by the SLC and documented in section policy and position descriptions. The Vice Chair(s) will be considered for the Chair position in 2017 pending the vote in the fall of 2016.
Expected Time Commitment: 6-8 Hours per month
Term: January 1 – December 31 2016
More Information: ASQ Vice Chair Position Description

ASQ Charleston Placement Chair
Description: Coordinate the section’s job placement program to facilitate access to professional opportunities for your section members and assist area companies with recruiting quality professionals.
Expected Time Commitment: 2-3 Hours per month
Term: January 1 – December 31 2016
More Information: ASQ Placement Chair Position Description

ASQ Charleston Historian
Description: Maintain membership and activity information for the section for historical purposes.
Expected Time Commitment: 2-3 Hours per month
Term: January 1 – December 31 2016
More Information: ASQ Section Historian

ASQ Charleston Programs Chair
Description: Determine focus of section events and programs. Solicit speakers to match topics. Work with arrangements chair, if applicable, to coordinate speaker needs.
Expected Time Commitment: 2-3 Hours per month
Term: January 1 – December 31 2016
More Information: ASQ Programs Chair

ASQ Charleston Arrangements Chair
Description: Oversee arrangements for all regular meetings of the section and other special programs and conferences as assigned by the Section Leadership Committee (SLC) or other committee chairs.
Expected Time Commitment: 2-3 Hours per month
Term: January 1 – December 31 2016
More Information: ASQ Arrangements Chair

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