ASQ Charleston Quality Library Established

A local quality library has been established for ASQ Charleston!

The reference books listed below have been donated to ASQ Charleston by KB-Analytics Principal and ASQ member Carl Betterton and his partner at KBA, Dr. Lordanis Karagiannidis. This set of reference material is housed at The Citadel’s School of Business in Bond Hall room 274, and all volumes are available to ASQ Charleston members and to Citadel students studying quality management.


Dr. Betterton


Dr. Karagiannidis

Both Dr. Betterton and Dr. Karagiannidis are faculty members in the School of Business, and extend a welcome to ASQ Charleston members to visit campus if they wish use these references, or to borrow them via coordination with Dr. Betterton, who can be reached at or by phone at (843) 953-0834.

Over time, and with help from our members, ASQ Charleston intends to update and expand the reference library by replacing volumes that have a newer edition, and adding books suggested by our members. The Quality Library will become an important asset in support of chapter members studying for ASQ certifications.

ASQ Charleston Quality Library (Nov 2015)
The Six Sigma Handbook: A Complete Guide for Greenbelts, Blackbelts & Managers at all Levels.
By: Thomas Pyzdek
McGraw-Hill, Quality Publishing, 2001

Juran’s Quality Handbook, Fourth Edition
By: Joseph M. Juran & A. Blanton Godfrey
McGraw-Hill, 1988

Juran’s Quality Handbook, Fifth Edition
By: Joseph M. Juran & A. Blanton Godfrey
McGraw-Hill, 1999

Product Development Planning for Health Care Products Regulated by the FDA
By: Elaine Whitmore
ASQC Quality Press, 1997

The Essence of Quality Management
Anthology, Volumes 1 – 3
Sigler Printing and Publishing, Inc., 1997 – 1999 (Paperback)

How To Fail An FDA Quality Audit
By: Mort Levin
Mort Levin, Inc., 1996

The Quality Technician’s Handbook, Third Edition
By: Gary K. Griffith
Prentice Hall, 1996

Fundamentals of Quality Control
By: B. Scott Parsowith
ASQC Quality Press, 1995 (Paperback)

Managing Records for ISO 9000 Compliance
By: Eugenia K. Brumm
ASQC Quality Press, 1995

Total Quality Service: A Simplified Approach to Using The Baldrige Award Criteria
By: Sheila Kessler
ASQC Quality Press, 1995 (Paperback)

Buying and Supplying Quality
By: Richard T. Weber & Ross H. Johnson
ASQC Quality Press, 1993

Documenting Quality for ISO 9000 and Other Industry Standards
By: Gary E. MacLean
ASQC Quality Press, 1993 (Paperback)

MRB Engineering Handbook
By: Robert C. Noe
ASQC Quality Press, 1993

Designing for Quality
An Introduction to The Best of Taguchi and Western Methods of Statistical Experimental Design
By: Robert H. Lochner & Joseph E. Matar
Quality Resources, 1990

Supplier Certification: Achieving Excellence
By: Peter L. Grieco, Jr., Michael W. Gozzo and Jerry W. Claunch
PT Publications, Inc., 1988

Guide For Reducing Quality Costs, Second Edition
Quality Costs Committee, Jack Campenella, Chairman
ASQC Quality Press, 1987 (Paperback)

Handbook Of Quality Assurance For The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
By: James P. Dux, Ph.D.
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1986

Handbook for Total Quality Assurance
By: Edward M. Stiles
Prentice-Hall, 1977

Modern Methods for Quality Control and Improvement
By: Harrison M. Wadsworth, Kenneth S. Stephens and A. Blanton Godfrey
John Wiley & Sons, 1986

Quality Control, Second edition
By: Dale H. Besterfield
Prentice-Hall, 1986

Quality Planning and Analysis
By: J. M. Juran and Frank M. Gryna, Jr.
McGraw-Hill, 1980

The FDA and Worldwide Quality System Requirements Guidebook for
Medical Devices
By: Kimberly A. Trautman
ASQC Quality Press, 1997

The Quality System Compendium: GMP Requirements and Industry Practice.
AAMI, 1998

Statistical Process Control Methods For Long and Short Runs, Second Edition
By: Gary K. Griffith
ASQC Quality Press, 1996

Short Run SPC
By: Donald J. Wheeler
SPC Press, Inc., 1991

The ISO 9000 Auditor’s Companion
By: Kent A. Keeney
ASQC Quality Press, 1995

How To Perform Skip-Lot and Chain Sampling, Second Edition
By: Kenneth S. Stephens
ASQC Quality Press, 1995

How To Perform Continuous Sampling, Second Edition
By: Kenneth S. Stephens
ASQC Quality Press, 1995

How To Choose The Proper Sample Size
By” Gary G. Brush
ASQC Quality Press 1988

CQE: Certified Quality Engineer Examination Study Guide
By: Thomas Pyzdek
Quality America, Inc., 1984

Controlling Quality With Statistical Methods, Units I, II and III
By: Herbert F. Spirer Ph.D.
The MGI Management Institute, 1980

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